iPhone couldn’t make and receive calls after updating

“After updating my iPhone with iOS 12, my iPhone couldn’t make and receive any calls after updating. What to do? How to fix it?” “It has been two days, and i haven’t received any calls. Then i want to make phone call to my mother, it failed. What happened? Why my iPhone couldn’t make and […]

Best Way to Use Reminder App on iPhone iPad

Summary: You will learn ultimate guides about how to use Reminders app on iPhone iPad from this article. “I don’t have the habit of using reminders on my iPhone, but i lost my good memories recently and also forget important things, so i want to use Reminder app to help me. But are there any […]

Copy Photos from Dropbox to iPhone

Summary: From this article, you’ll learn how to copy photos from Dropbox to your iPhone. Dropbox is a kind of collaboration space, which can help us reduce our busywork, and gather our files in a central place and sync files between our devices ect, so we can also say it’s a could storage, like iCloud. […]

Stop iPhone from Taking HEIC Photos in iOS 12

“I don’t want to take iPhone photos with HEIC format any more, as i couldn’t view them on other devices. Anyone can show me how to stop iPhone from taking HEIC photos in iOS 12?” Since iOS 11, our iPhone iPad will take photos with HEIC format automatically, and it will help us save 50% […]

Recover HEIC Photos on iPhone iPad

“I couldn’t find some HEIC photos on my iPhone 8, is it possible for me to recover my HEIC photos on iPhone iPad?” Maybe it’s your first time to hear about HEIC photos on iPhone iPad, but since you update your iPhone with iOS 11, the photos you take is with HEIC format now. HEIC […]

Set up multiple Face ID on iPhone X

Big News, recently many iPhone X users feedback that they can add multiple Face ID on iPhone X to unlock iPhone X without password. And it’s confirmed to be true, do you know how to set up multiple Face ID on iPhone X? Face ID authentication has been used to unlock an iPhone X by […]