Best way to Retrieve Reminder information from iPhone X

Lost/Deleted Reminder information from iPhone X accidentally without backup? This article will teach you how to get deleted Reminder back from iPhone X.

Nowadays, iPhone Reminder app plays so important a role in our life. With it, users can keep track of projects, groceries, and anything else they want to. What if you lose those important reminders on iPhone X without backup? Don’t worry. This article will teach you how to get deleted Reminder back from iPhone X.

iOS data loss is a common issue which may be encountered by everyone. According to the suggestion from official Apple website, if you have made an iCloud backup before the loss/deletion of iPhone reminders, you can go to and restore them from the previous iCloud backup. While if you accidentally delete the data without backup in time, you need to find another way. Fortunately, there is a simple solution which can be used to retrieve iPhone X Reminders.

First download iRefone (Mac version)

It is a program which is specially designed for iOS data recovery which supports recovering lost data, such as photos, notes, messages, contacts, call histories, Safari bookmarks, calendars, reminders and more files from iPhone/iPad/iPod, iTunes backup and iCloud backup with its three corresponding recovery modules: “Recover from iOS Device“, “Recover from iTunes Backup File” and “Recover from iCloud Backup File“. Now, let’s start recovery.

How to Restore Reminder from iPhone X

One: Connect the iPhone to your computer, and open iRefone. You will enter the main interface. The software will detect and display the iPhone on the interface automatically. Click “Start” to go on.

Two: Then you will enter the interface to ask you choose the data you need to scan. Choose the icon of reminders you want to preview to start the process of analysis and scanning your iPhone.

Three: When the scanning is finished, all of reminders on your iPhone will be displayed in the software, including these deleted one. You could preview them one by one and choose what you need to recover to PC. You’re done.

Editor Note: If your iPhone X is useless, but you have backups in iTunes or iCloud account, you can have a try to recover the data from two other ways in iRefone- Recover from iTunes Backup File, Recover from iCloud Backup File.

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