Transfer Gmail Contacts to iCloud Account

“I have many Gmail contacts on my Samsung phone, now i changed my old Samsung phone with a new iPhone 8, so i want to transfer my Gmail contacts to my iCloud account. Anyone can help me with it?” There are many reasons that we need to transfer our Gmail contacts to iCloud, like changed […]

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News about iPhone XS

Now September is coming in two months, many people are expecting Apple’s new iPhone in 2018. according to past 10 years experience, Apple will plan to release new iPhones now. And current rumors say that the new model iPhone will be iPhone XS, now we’ll see some detailed information about it.

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Information about iOS 11 indoor maps

Summary: from this article, we’ll show you some information about iOS 11 indoor maps, and now you don’t need to worry about getting lost indoors any more. Apple’s devices with iOS 11 now offers us indoor maps for international Airport, shopping malls ect around the world, so with it we can find our friends and […]

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The Difference Between iPhone 8 and iPhone 7

“I don’t see any difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 from their appearance. What does Apple have updated on iPhone 8? What’s the difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone 7?” Many people may have same concern when iPhone 8 is released, and they’re hesitate to make their decision and change their old iPhone, maybe […]

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Main Feature of iPhone X

“I need a new phone urgently, and iPhone X seems to be great, but we won’t get it after a month, because it will be available in November. Should i wait it? What’s the main feature of iPhone X?” iPhone X as Apple 10th anniversary artwork, it will carry out more tech and represent the […]

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Which one to choose, iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

iPhone 8 has been released, and iPhone X will be released in two months. Why Apple released both of them in such a short time? Which one to choose, iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Many people have same doubts as we do, there are many similar features of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, what’s the […]

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The Main Feature of iOS 11

With the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, iOS 11 will also be launched several days later. Should we update our old iPhone with iOS 11? what’s the main feature of iOS 11? You may have same concern about iOS 11, even though we don’t buy the new iPhone right now, maybe we can […]

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Download WhatsApp Voice Messages from iCloud

Whenever you backup your WhatsApp voice messages on iCloud, you can download them selectively as you need, and we’ll show you how to download WhatsApp voice messages from iCloud in this page. WhatsApp allows us to send instant voice messages, and it’s better to use WhatsApp voice message to communicate with old people who don’t […]

Sync iPod App Data to Mac

“My iPod is too old, and I’m afraid it doesn’t work in future, but i don’t want to lose any data of it, so i want to sync my iPod app data to Mac. Anyone can help me with it?” If you’re a fan of Apple app store, and want to use the apps from […]

Backup App Data before Updating to iOS 10.3.2

“There is a update notification about iOS 10.3.2, so i want to update my iPhone with iOS 10.3.2. but how to backup my App data before updating to iOS 10.3.2?” As suggested we should backup our iPhone data before updating them, now iOS 10.3.2 is released, many people have updated their iPhone with it. And […]

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