How to Get Back iPhone App Data after Uninstall It

“There are some apps on my iPhone i don’t want to use them right now, so i deleted some of them, like WeChat, WhatsApp ect. Now i want to view some data of it, how to get backup iPhone app data after uninstall it?” When we uninstall some apps, we will also lose those app […]

View Favorite Contacts from iCloud Backup

“I add some of my contacts to my favorite contacts, like my family member, friends and some important clients. Also i backup them on my iCloud, now i lost my iPhone, and want to view those favorite contacts from my iCloud backup. How to do it?” Favorite contacts are the most important contacts on our […]

Solutions for WhatsApp Voice Message Problems

“I couldn’t hear the WhatsApp voice messages that my friends send me clearly, also there are breaks there. Is there any solutions for WhatsApp voice message problems?” WhatsApp is one of the most used chat apps around the world, and many people are using it right now to send messages, voice messages, photos, and files […]