Sync Health Data to iCloud in iOS 11

With the development of economy, the fitness consciousness of people have been raised to a new level, many people are doing exercise every day. Then health data on their iPhone is becoming important, so they may want to sync health data to their iCloud. But how could we sync health data to iCloud in iOS […]

View iTunes and iCloud Backup Files Easily

Summary: From this article, we’ll learn some methods about how to view iTunes and iCloud backup files easily, when you lost or delete some of them on your iPhone iPad. Generally, we’ll backup our iPhone iPad data on iTunes and iCloud to keep them safe or save some storage space of our iPhone iPad. As […]

How to Underline Words When Typing on iPhone?

In order to emphasize the important of some words, sometimes we may want to bold them or underline them. But how could we underline words when typing on iPhone? When we’re taking notes or edit emails, we can bold and underline some words or sentence to draw more attention. Whether you know how to do […]

Mac iPhone Data Recovery

iRefone is a well designed iOS data recovery software, it has two version and supports us recover data to Windows PC and Mac. Today we’ll show you more information about how to do Mac iPhone data recovery software. iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software, it can help us recover lost or deleted iOS […]

Recover Automatically Disappeared Messages on iPhone

“In order to save some of my iPhone storage space, i set my Message App with automatically delete option. But now, i need to check some of my old messages several month ago, how could i recover automatically disappeared messages on iPhone?” Firstly when we don’t want to use auto delete feature on our iPhone, […]

How do you think Apple admits to slow down old iPhone

When we get one new iPhone, it runs so faster and we love it so much, then we don’t want to use other smartphones any more. But when new generation of iPhone are released, it seems our iPhone doesn’t run as faster as before, and some people says Apple slow it down to sell new […]

Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode

When we forget our iPhone password or when our iPhone get stuck, we’ll have to factory reset out iPhone to fix it even it will delete some of our iPhone data. Also some people may don’t know how to factory reset iPhone without passcode, now from this article we’ll show you how to do it. […]

Recover Missing Christmas Data on iPhone iPad

Christmas is one of the most important holiday in many country, and we all celebrate it with our family and record it with some ways, like photos, videos, texts ect. Then we can still review those happiness in future. But what to do when we lost some of them occasionally or delete them by mistake? […]