Retrieve Voice Memo for iPhone X with iCloud backup

In this article, you will learn how to freely recover voice memo from iPhone X with iCloud backup files. With Voice Memo, we can record some important things through phonetics, rather than type as we would normally. It’s so convenient and time-saving. However, data stored on the phone can be accidentally deleted. What to do […]

Recover Notes accidentally erased from iPhone X

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Get Lost Notes back from new iPad 2017

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Best way to Retrieve Reminder information from iPhone X

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Recover Calendars and Reminders info from iCloud backup

In this article, you will learn how to recover Calendars and Reminders info from iCloud backup directly. My husband and I have repeated this problem on many forums including The issue is that for years, I’ve kept my Calendars and Reminders synced between various Windows laptops and various iPhones. But the issue is that I […]

How to Print off Wechat Messages from iPhone X/8/7/6

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Restore Deleted Notes from iCloud

Summary:From this article, we’ll show you two methods to restore deleted Notes from iCloud backup. Notes app is always the best tool for us to record some important things and make some plans, but unfortunately we’ll lost some of them like other app data due to some reasons. So many people will choose to backup […]

How to Change WhatsApp Chat Background

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