Selectively Backup Favorite Contacts on iPhone 7

How to selectively backup favorite contacts on iPhone 7? Usually we’ll add some contacts as our favorite contacts when we frequently contact each other, so it’s also important to us. As there are many files we need to backup or we just want to backup some of our favorite contacts, so the needs of selectively […]

Top 5 iPhone Data Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

When you open you Google and search for iPhone data recovery software, you’ll get plenty of results. Which is top 5 iPhone data recovery software for for Windows and Mac? If you’re confused with those iPhone data recovery software, and don’t know which one to choose when you really need it. You can just read […]

Restore Text Messages from Stolen iPhone

“My iPhone was stolen, is it still possible for me to restore my text messages from stolen iPhone?” When you lost your iPhone and couldn’t get back your iPhone with the feature “Find My iPhone”, and also you couldn’t get your important data back, unless you have done some backups on iTunes and iCloud. As […]

Delete Phone Number from iMessages

“It’s quite strange that i have deleted some iMessages i don’t need any more, the iMessages are gone, but their phone number still exist in my iMessages. How could i delete phone number from iMessages?” In order to keep our iMessage page clear and save some storage space of our iPhone, or we don’t want […]

Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone Device

“My girl always chat with her friends via iPhone messages, but when i check her iPhone, all those messages are deleted, how could i recover those deleted messages from iPhone devices?” For parents want to recover their children’s iPhone messages, it’s impossible in some way. But if this iPhone is yours and registered by you, […]

iOS 11 can directly scan QR code in camera app

 Have you heard about the news that iOS 11 can directly scan QR code in camera app? Now in this article, you’ll learn something about it. Apple have announced iOS 11, and at the same time we find out that finally we can use our camera app to scan QR code since iOS 11, and […]

Restore Deleted App Data on iPad

“I’m trying to restore some lost app data from my backups, it doesn’t work. Is there any other ways can help me restore deleted app data on iPad?” App data on iPad can be including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, WeChat messages ect, when we lost or deleted any of them on iPad occasionally, it […]

iPad Battery Jumps to a Low Level

Have you ever seen your iPhone or iPad battery jumps to a low level? How did you fix this issue? “This morning i get my iPad 100% charged, then i bring it and go to work. When arriving at my office, i find my iPad battery jumps to 90%. what’s happening? What my iPad battery […]

Download WhatsApp Voice Messages from iCloud

Whenever you backup your WhatsApp voice messages on iCloud, you can download them selectively as you need, and we’ll show you how to download WhatsApp voice messages from iCloud in this page. WhatsApp allows us to send instant voice messages, and it’s better to use WhatsApp voice message to communicate with old people who don’t […]