Backup WeChat Group Messages on iPad

“There is a new WeChat group that I joined several days ago, it’s about English learning, and there are some great opinions. So i want to backup those WeChat group messages on my iPad, then i can view them whenever i need.” When we join a WeChat group, it means we can chat with them […]

Backup WhatsApp Voice Messages on iPad

“Usually i will save my WhatsApp messages by making screenshot when it’s important, but now those messages i need to backup is WhatsApp voice messages, so i couldn’t save them by making screenshot. How could i backup WhatsApp voice messages on iPad?” “Actually i don’t want to receive some WhatsApp voice messages, because sometimes it’s […]

Backup Safari Bookmark on your iPad

“My sister lost her Safari bookmark on iPad, so she told me to backup mine. But how do i backup Safari bookmark on my iPad?” When you’re using iPhone or iPad, you’ll be familiar with Safari App on them, and you may have searched internet on it, and there will be many safari history on […]