Selectively Backup Favorite Contacts on iPhone 7

How to selectively backup favorite contacts on iPhone 7? Usually we’ll add some contacts as our favorite contacts when we frequently contact each other, so it’s also important to us. As there are many files we need to backup or we just want to backup some of our favorite contacts, so the needs of selectively […]

Backup App Data before Updating to iOS 10.3.2

“There is a update notification about iOS 10.3.2, so i want to update my iPhone with iOS 10.3.2. but how to backup my App data before updating to iOS 10.3.2?” As suggested we should backup our iPhone data before updating them, now iOS 10.3.2 is released, many people have updated their iPhone with it. And […]

Transfer Favorite Contacts from Old iPhone to iPhone 7

“Too many contacts on my old iPhone, so i just want to transfer my favorite contacts from old iPhone to my new iPhone 7. how could i do it easily?” When you finally get your new iPhone or iPhone 7, you may need to transfer your iPhone data from your old iPhone to iPhone 7, […]

Sync WhatsApp Contacts from iPhone to PC

“I want to sync all my contacts to PC, especially my WhatsApp contacts, because most of them are my clients. How could i sync WhatsApp contacts from iPhone to PC?” WhatsApp as one of the most popular chat apps, most people are using it around the world, although we don’t need to add someone friends […]

Face time is not working, what to do?

“My Face time is not working this morning, but i need to use it. What to do when Face time is not working?” Face time is a kind of videotelephony, we usually use it to make video chat with our friends. It’s supported by iOS mobile device and Mac, as it’s developed by Apple. So […]

How to Keep our iPhone Data Safe?

Last week, several news pushed to us that there is a blackmail virus, many company in university have been attached. How do you know about blackmail virus? What about our iPhone data? Since two days ago, the computer from many company and university have been hit, also some personal computer couldn’t spare. on the other […]

Backup Favorite Contacts on iPhone

“I have add my family and friends phone number as favorite contacts on my iPhone, and i don’t want to lose it, is there any way can help me backup favorite contacts on iPhone?” Adding contacts as favorite contacts can help us quickly find them, then we can call them or text them easily. It’s […]