Sync Health Data to iCloud in iOS 11

With the development of economy, the fitness consciousness of people have been raised to a new level, many people are doing exercise every day. Then health data on their iPhone is becoming important, so they may want to sync health data to their iCloud. But how could we sync health data to iCloud in iOS […]

View iTunes and iCloud Backup Files Easily

Summary: From this article, we’ll learn some methods about how to view iTunes and iCloud backup files easily, when you lost or delete some of them on your iPhone iPad. Generally, we’ll backup our iPhone iPad data on iTunes and iCloud to keep them safe or save some storage space of our iPhone iPad. As […]

Backup 2017 Thanksgiving Photos and Videos on iPhone

Now 2017 Thanksgiving have passed, have your had a great time? And did you take some photos and videos of your Thanksgiving? Do you want to backup your 2017 Thanksgiving photos and videos on iPhone? Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in many country, it’s used to celebrate harvest and family union. And it’s usually celebrated […]

Save Safari History from Screen Damaged iPhone

Occasionally broken your iPhone screen? How could you save your Safari history from screen damaged iPhone? Usually when we browse something interesting, we may add it into our Safari bookmark, next time, we can check it directly by clicking our bookmark. But we may also lost them even we have add them into bookmark, like […]

Backup Mid-autumn Day Photos on iPhone

“Really have a good time and take some photos for my parents. Now i want to keep them safe, how could i backup those Mid-autumn day photos on my iPhone?” Mid-autumn is a big holiday in China, so many Chinese people treasure it so much, every year, many people take a long trip and go […]

Backup WeChat Data on iPhone before Updating to iOS 11

iOS 11 is the next generation version of iOS, as said it will have many new features, like new design of App store, message features, Siri improvements ect. So are you willing to update your iPhone iPad with iOS 11? what should you do before updating to iOS 11? Now from this article, we’ll show […]

Sync WeChat Voice Message from iPhone to Mac

We send and receive WeChat voice messages every daily, and there will be many important data there. So we may think about sync WeChat voice message from iPhone to Mac, and here, we’ll show you how to do it. WeChat voice messages help us contact our family more easily, like we don’t need to text […]

Selectively Backup Favorite Contacts on iPhone 7

How to selectively backup favorite contacts on iPhone 7? Usually we’ll add some contacts as our favorite contacts when we frequently contact each other, so it’s also important to us. As there are many files we need to backup or we just want to backup some of our favorite contacts, so the needs of selectively […]