Stop iPhone from Taking HEIC Photos in iOS 12

“I don’t want to take iPhone photos with HEIC format any more, as i couldn’t view them on other devices. Anyone can show me how to stop iPhone from taking HEIC photos in iOS 12?” Since iOS 11, our iPhone iPad will take photos with HEIC format automatically, and it will help us save 50% […]

Set up multiple Face ID on iPhone X

Big News, recently many iPhone X users feedback that they can add multiple Face ID on iPhone X to unlock iPhone X without password. And it’s confirmed to be true, do you know how to set up multiple Face ID on iPhone X? Face ID authentication has been used to unlock an iPhone X by […]

Recent Calls Not Showing Up on iPhone

“Every day i will receive and make many phone calls due to my job, and also i will need to check my call history to do recording. But my recent calls won’t show up this morning, how could i fix recent calls not showing up on iPhone issue?” Most of us may experience this kind […]

Fix iPhone Fingerprint Not Working Issue

“When i have my iPhone 7, i set it with fingerprint to unlock my iPhone as well as using it to do payment. But this morning, fingerprint on my iPhone 7 doesn’t work, how could i fix iPhone fingerprint not working issue?” Usually we use fingerprint by placing our finger on Touch ID to unlock […]

Turn off Click Sound on iPhone iPad

“Everytime i play my iPhone, my roommates will know, as they can hear the click sounds on my iPhone. Now i don’t want them to hear the click sound, how could i turn off click sound on iPhone iPad?” By default, our iPhone iPad will make a clicking sound everytime we press a key. It […]

Couldn’t Connect to App Store after Updating to iOS 11

“My iPhone couldn’t connect to App store after updating to iOS 11, what to do? How to fix iPhone couldn’t connect to app store problem?” When there is new version of iOS, we may can’t wait to update our iPhone iPad with it to enjoy the new features. But sometimes things just won’t go smoothly, […]

When updating iOS, internet cut off, what to do?

“I decide to update my iPhone with new iOS version, but failed, as internet cut off. Do you also have similar issue? What to do when updating iOS, internet cut off?” Now when you encounter this kind of issue, the reasons may come from your Wifi or your iPhone. And here, we’ll show you some […]