Top 5 iPhone Data Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

When you open you Google and search for iPhone data recovery software, you’ll get plenty of results. Which is top 5 iPhone data recovery software for for Windows and Mac? If you’re confused with those iPhone data recovery software, and don’t know which one to choose when you really need it. You can just read […]

Delete Phone Number from iMessages

“It’s quite strange that i have deleted some iMessages i don’t need any more, the iMessages are gone, but their phone number still exist in my iMessages. How could i delete phone number from iMessages?” In order to keep our iMessage page clear and save some storage space of our iPhone, or we don’t want […]

iOS 11 can directly scan QR code in camera app

 Have you heard about the news that iOS 11 can directly scan QR code in camera app? Now in this article, you’ll learn something about it. Apple have announced iOS 11, and at the same time we find out that finally we can use our camera app to scan QR code since iOS 11, and […]

iPad Battery Jumps to a Low Level

Have you ever seen your iPhone or iPad battery jumps to a low level? How did you fix this issue? “This morning i get my iPad 100% charged, then i bring it and go to work. When arriving at my office, i find my iPad battery jumps to 90%. what’s happening? What my iPad battery […]

iOS 11 Update Problems and Solutions

“Many of my friends have updated their iPhone iPad with iOS 11, but they told me there will be some problems when updating to iOS 11. so anyone can tell me some iOS 11 update problems and solutions?” As iOS 11 have added many new features, so many of us couldn’t wait to update our […]

How to Use Text Shortcuts on iPad

“Are you using text shortcuts on iPad? How to create text shortcuts? How to use text shortcuts on iPad?” When we contact some service people, we may find they send us some service words so quickly, it seems they don’t need to type it, then they may using text shortcuts. Now we can also use […]

Solutions for WhatsApp Voice Message Problems

“I couldn’t hear the WhatsApp voice messages that my friends send me clearly, also there are breaks there. Is there any solutions for WhatsApp voice message problems?” WhatsApp is one of the most used chat apps around the world, and many people are using it right now to send messages, voice messages, photos, and files […]

Solve iPad Battery Drain Quickly Issue

“I just charged my iPad this morning, now it’s just two hours, the battery power dropped to 50%, why iPad battery drain so quickyly? How to solve iPad battery drain quickly issue?” When we open too many apps on our iPad, or watch videos with it, or set it with high brightness ect, all those […]

iCloud not Syncing Calendar on iPhone

iCloud is enabled for calendars, but it’s just not syncing calendars. What to do? How to fix iCloud not syncing calendars on iPhone issue? iCloud not syncing calendars on iPhone, this issue can be caused with many reasons. Like iCloud storage is full, or iCloud is not turned on, or our iPhone is not connected […]