Turn off Click Sound on iPhone iPad

“Everytime i play my iPhone, my roommates will know, as they can hear the click sounds on my iPhone. Now i don’t want them to hear the click sound, how could i turn off click sound on iPhone iPad?” By default, our iPhone iPad will make a clicking sound everytime we press a key. It […]

Couldn’t Connect to App Store after Updating to iOS 11

“My iPhone couldn’t connect to App store after updating to iOS 11, what to do? How to fix iPhone couldn’t connect to app store problem?” When there is new version of iOS, we may can’t wait to update our iPhone iPad with it to enjoy the new features. But sometimes things just won’t go smoothly, […]

When updating iOS, internet cut off, what to do?

“I decide to update my iPhone with new iOS version, but failed, as internet cut off. Do you also have similar issue? What to do when updating iOS, internet cut off?” Now when you encounter this kind of issue, the reasons may come from your Wifi or your iPhone. And here, we’ll show you some […]

Ways to Record 4K Video on iPhone X

Summary: From this article, we’ll guide you how to record 4k videos on iPhone X, follow below page and see how it’s done. We all know that iPhone X supports us to film in ultra high definition, but seldom people know how to record 4k videos at 60 frames per second on iPhone X. as […]

How to Block iPhone Messages from Someone

“There is a friend that we don’t contact with each other for a long time, recently she keeps send me some messages with bad news that i don’t want to know about it, now i want to block her. But how to block iPhone messages from someone?” Also we may receive some spam messages every […]

How to Underline Words When Typing on iPhone?

In order to emphasize the important of some words, sometimes we may want to bold them or underline them. But how could we underline words when typing on iPhone? When we’re taking notes or edit emails, we can bold and underline some words or sentence to draw more attention. Whether you know how to do […]

How do you think Apple admits to slow down old iPhone

When we get one new iPhone, it runs so faster and we love it so much, then we don’t want to use other smartphones any more. But when new generation of iPhone are released, it seems our iPhone doesn’t run as faster as before, and some people says Apple slow it down to sell new […]

Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode

When we forget our iPhone password or when our iPhone get stuck, we’ll have to factory reset out iPhone to fix it even it will delete some of our iPhone data. Also some people may don’t know how to factory reset iPhone without passcode, now from this article we’ll show you how to do it. […]