How to Underline Words When Typing on iPhone?

In order to emphasize the important of some words, sometimes we may want to bold them or underline them. But how could we underline words when typing on iPhone? When we’re taking notes or edit emails, we can bold and underline some words or sentence to draw more attention. Whether you know how to do […]

How do you think Apple admits to slow down old iPhone

When we get one new iPhone, it runs so faster and we love it so much, then we don’t want to use other smartphones any more. But when new generation of iPhone are released, it seems our iPhone doesn’t run as faster as before, and some people says Apple slow it down to sell new […]

Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode

When we forget our iPhone password or when our iPhone get stuck, we’ll have to factory reset out iPhone to fix it even it will delete some of our iPhone data. Also some people may don’t know how to factory reset iPhone without passcode, now from this article we’ll show you how to do it. […]

Hide Photos for iPhone in a Locked Photo Album

“I don’t want my photos been seen from others even my photo album is locked. How could i hide photos for iPhone in a locked photo album?” Most people would like to use photos to keep our good memory, so our photo album will includes all kinds of photos, including those quite personal ones. On […]

Issues with Wireless Charging on iPhone 8

Have you ever used wireless charging on iPhone 8? is there any issues with wireless charging on your iPhone 8? There is a big news that iPhone 8 exploded when charging it, and as report there are several people have this kind of issue now, and Apple have recalled those iPhone 8 and fix this […]

Fix iPhone Auto Lock not Working Issue

“Usually my iPhone will lock itself when i don’t use it for a minute, but it doesn’t work now recently. How could i fix iPhone auto lock not working issue?” Set iPhone auto lock can help us keep our iPhone data safe, and protect our privacy. Image that your iPhone is lost and it’s not […]