Import SIM contacts on iPhone 8

How could we transfer our contacts from old phone to iPhone 8? now if your SIM card on your old phone can fit iPhone 8, we can help you import your SIM contacts on iPhone 8. Most people will encounter this issue that when we change our phone or iPhone, we’ll need to import SIM […]

Fix Dictation not Working Issue on iPhone

“This morning I want to use dictation feature on iPhone to take messages, but it doesn’t work. How could i fix dictation now working on iPhone issue?” Dictation feature allows us to convert voice into text, it works like Siri, but not Siri. When it’s gray, then we may couldn’t use it. And there are […]

How do you know about Apple-MFi

How do you know about Apple-MFi? Some people may say it’s short for Made for iPod. Yes, it’s true, but what else? From Wiki, we can know that MFi is a kind of licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals  that used for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It’s including headphone jacks, lightning connector […]

Sync Outlook Calendars to iPhone 7

The Microsoft Outlook are known to many PC user and most of us are using it, because of it’s clear interface and powerful function. And one of its feature Outlook calendars are doing great help in our daily life and work, now when you want to check Outlook calendars on iPhone 7, you’ll need to […]

Fix iPhone Airdrop not Working Issue

What is Airdrop? how do you use Airdrop? How to fix iPhone Airdrop not working issue? Airdrop is a kind of iOS feature that it allows us to share files wirelessly. And mostly we’ll use it to share some photos with our friends, also we can Airdrop some website on our friends phone, so it’s […]

The Difference between Camera Roll and My Photo Stream

“When i open my photo album on my iPhone, i can see several folders there, like camera roll and my photo stream. And the photo on them are almost same, so what’s the difference between camera roll and my photo stream?” Some people say camera roll is just like inbox, it can includes the photos […]

Ways to Factory Reset a Locked iPhone iPad

When you forget your iPhone iPad password and locked it, how do you factory reset it? Now from this article, we’ll show you some ways to factory reset a locked iPhone iPad. Also when our iPhone iPad is locked, we just want to restart them, or when there is something wrong with our iPhone iPad, […]

Solutions for No Service on iPhone Problem

“When i grasp my iPhone and want to check my chat apps, but my iPhone shows no service. Are there some solutions for no service on iPhone problem?” Actually no service on iPhone is a quite common issue, most people may have experienced it. Want to know what’s going on? And how to fix it? […]

Top 5 iPhone Data Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

When you open you Google and search for iPhone data recovery software, you’ll get plenty of results. Which is top 5 iPhone data recovery software for for Windows and Mac? If you’re confused with those iPhone data recovery software, and don’t know which one to choose when you really need it. You can just read […]

Delete Phone Number from iMessages

“It’s quite strange that i have deleted some iMessages i don’t need any more, the iMessages are gone, but their phone number still exist in my iMessages. How could i delete phone number from iMessages?” In order to keep our iMessage page clear and save some storage space of our iPhone, or we don’t want […]