Recover HEIC Photos on iPhone iPad

“I couldn’t find some HEIC photos on my iPhone 8, is it possible for me to recover my HEIC photos on iPhone iPad?” Maybe it’s your first time to hear about HEIC photos on iPhone iPad, but since you update your iPhone with iOS 11, the photos you take is with HEIC format now. HEIC […]

Set up multiple Face ID on iPhone X

Big News, recently many iPhone X users feedback that they can add multiple Face ID on iPhone X to unlock iPhone X without password. And it’s confirmed to be true, do you know how to set up multiple Face ID on iPhone X? Face ID authentication has been used to unlock an iPhone X by […]

Recent Calls Not Showing Up on iPhone

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How to Import iPhone Photos to Windows 10

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Fix iPhone Fingerprint Not Working Issue

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Retrieve Voice Memo for iPhone X with iCloud backup

In this article, you will learn how to freely recover voice memo from iPhone X with iCloud backup files. With Voice Memo, we can record some important things through phonetics, rather than type as we would normally. It’s so convenient and time-saving. However, data stored on the phone can be accidentally deleted. What to do […]

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Accidently erased Notes from iPhone X? Don’t worry. This article will teach you how to get Notes back from iPhone X. Nowadays more and more iPhone users tend to use Notes app which can capture a quick thought, create checklists, sketch ideas, plan a schedule, write down a shopping list, or save a memorandum, etc. […]

Get Lost Notes back from new iPad 2017

This article will help you find and get Note back from new iPad 2017 if you accidentally delete Note on new iPad 2017. I spent a whole afternoon taking notes at a converstion on my iPad 2017. The trouble was that all my Notes suddenly disappeared with no reason. It is makes me crazy since […]