View Lost Chinese Lunar New Year Data on iPhone iPad

Now Chinese Lunar New Year is coming soon, and we’ll get many New Year data about it on our iPhone iPad. Then how could we view those Chinese lunar New Year data on iPhone iPad when we lost them? To view your lost Chinese lunar New Year data on iPhone iPad, we’ll introduce you iRefone, […]

Mac iPhone Data Recovery

iRefone is a well designed iOS data recovery software, it has two version and supports us recover data to Windows PC and Mac. Today we’ll show you more information about how to do Mac iPhone data recovery software. iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software, it can help us recover lost or deleted iOS […]

Recover Automatically Disappeared Messages on iPhone

“In order to save some of my iPhone storage space, i set my Message App with automatically delete option. But now, i need to check some of my old messages several month ago, how could i recover automatically disappeared messages on iPhone?” Firstly when we don’t want to use auto delete feature on our iPhone, […]

Recover Missing Christmas Data on iPhone iPad

Christmas is one of the most important holiday in many country, and we all celebrate it with our family and record it with some ways, like photos, videos, texts ect. Then we can still review those happiness in future. But what to do when we lost some of them occasionally or delete them by mistake? […]

Recover Missing Calls on iPhone 8

“I received some calls this morning and i didn’t reply it, because I’m having a meeting. Now i want to check my call history and see if there are some important ones, but i couldn’t see any of them. How could i recover missing calls on iPhone 8?” Call history on our iPhone can help […]

View Former Halloween Photos from Backups

“After doing some make up of my baby for this Halloween, she wants to view her photos two years ago. How could we view former Halloween photos from backups?” Taking photos is a good way for us to record our life and keep good memory, so we’ll save them and keep them safe. When we […]

Get Back Only Favorite Contacts on iPhone 7

“I lost some of my data on iPhone 7 after updating to iOS 11, including my contacts. Now i only want to get backup my favorite contacts on iPhone 7, how could i do it?” When there are some contacts we contact with each other frequently, or those contacts are very important to us, we’ll […]

Restore Deleted Notes from iTunes Backup

Lost your iPhone notes? Don’t worry, we can help you restore your deleted notes as well as other iPhone data from your iTunes backup. Notes app is playing a great role in remembering something important or undo, and we just need to open our iPhone and open Notes app, we can record something on it, […]

Recover Lost Moon Cake Day Messages on iPad

Feel so bad when we lost some of our important messages, like Moon Cake Day messages. Now from this article, you’ll learn how to recover those lost Moon Cake Day messages on iPad. “It’s Moon Cake Day, and also named Mid-autumn Day, we’re so happy. Also I send and receive many messages from my friends […]