Methods about Recovering Lost WhatsApp Voice Message on iPhone

WhatsApp is so popular that we don’t need to detail about it any more here, and we’ll show you some methods about recovering lost WhatsApp voice message on iPhone. Once we deleted or lost some messages, we will want to recover them, so does WhatsApp. And now, Wifi are covered everywhere, so most people are […]

Restore Text Messages from Stolen iPhone

“My iPhone was stolen, is it still possible for me to restore my text messages from stolen iPhone?” When you lost your iPhone and couldn’t get back your iPhone with the feature “Find My iPhone”, and also you couldn’t get your important data back, unless you have done some backups on iTunes and iCloud. As […]

Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone Device

“My girl always chat with her friends via iPhone messages, but when i check her iPhone, all those messages are deleted, how could i recover those deleted messages from iPhone devices?” For parents want to recover their children’s iPhone messages, it’s impossible in some way. But if this iPhone is yours and registered by you, […]

Download WhatsApp Voice Messages from iCloud

Whenever you backup your WhatsApp voice messages on iCloud, you can download them selectively as you need, and we’ll show you how to download WhatsApp voice messages from iCloud in this page. WhatsApp allows us to send instant voice messages, and it’s better to use WhatsApp voice message to communicate with old people who don’t […]

How to Get Back iPhone App Data after Uninstall It

“There are some apps on my iPhone i don’t want to use them right now, so i deleted some of them, like WeChat, WhatsApp ect. Now i want to view some data of it, how to get backup iPhone app data after uninstall it?” When we uninstall some apps, we will also lose those app […]

View Favorite Contacts from iCloud Backup

“I add some of my contacts to my favorite contacts, like my family member, friends and some important clients. Also i backup them on my iCloud, now i lost my iPhone, and want to view those favorite contacts from my iCloud backup. How to do it?” Favorite contacts are the most important contacts on our […]

Access Edit Photo from iTunes and iCloud

“I’d like to edit photos after taking them, because i need them to look better. Now i want to view those edit photos from my backups, how could i access edit photos from iTunes and iCloud?” “I’am not a photographer, but i like to take photos and edit them, so many of mine friends will […]

Recover Deleted App Data after iOS 10.3 Update

  “Unfortunately, i lost some of     my app data, like messages and calendar ect. How could i recover those deleted app data after iOS 10.3 update?” Every time when new iOS version are released, we’re eager to update our iPhone, so does iOS 10.3. but we’ll risk of losing some of our iPhone […]

Lost WhatsApp Media Files after Updating to iOS 10.3.2

“When i heard iOS 10.3.2 can help save some of my iPhone storage space, i can’t wait to update it. but sadly, i couldn’t find some of my WhatsApp media files after updating to iOS 10.3.2. What can i do now?” WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps on the world, and unlike […]

iOS 10.3.2 iPhone Message Recovery

Maybe you have updated your iPhone with iOS 10.3.2, whether you have lost some of your iPhone messages or not, or you have lost some other iPhone data, you can read this article, and learn something about how to do iOS 10.3.2 iPhone message recovery. “When iOS 10.3.2 is released, I’m so excited to update […]