Transfer iPod Touch Data to PC

“There are many photos on my iPod touch, now i want to save them on my PC. How could i transfer those iPod touch data to PC?” iPod touch can be functional as our iPhone, and the storage for it is large. So many of us would like to use iPod to take photos, but […]

Transfer Text Messages from iPad to iPhone

“My mother want to use my iPad, but i don’t want her to see my text messages, and i also don’t want to lose those text messages. So I want to transfer my text messages from iPad to iPhone, anyone can help me with it?” When related to backup our iPhone/iPad data, we can use […]

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Transfer WeChat Messages from iPad to Mac

“I’ve lost my WeChat messages on my iPhone, and i don’t want to lose my WeChat on my iPad. So i want to transfer my WeChat messages from iPad to Mac, anyone can help me with it?” WeChat messages can contain the chat log with our friends, family, colleague or even clients. When there is […]

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