Ways to Extract Videos from your iPhone 7

How to extract videos from your iPhone 7? Now we’ll show you some ways about how to extract videos from your iPhone 7. We can always see some videos about special events, news, beautiful things ect, and we also make some videos about the things we’re interested in with our iPhone. Sometimes, we’ll share them […]

Transfer WhatsApp Photo from iPhone to PC

“I have an iPhone, and most of my WhatsApp photos are on my iPhone, how to transfer my WhatsApp photos from iPhone to PC?” By default, our WhatsApp photos will be saved on our iPhone photo App, when we open WhatsApp photos. So we can check our former WhatsApp photos directly from our photo App, […]

Export WhatsApp Media Files from iPhone to PC

“My iPhone is with storage 32GB, and it will run our off storage space soon. So i want to export my WhatsApp media files from iPhone to PC, anyone can help me with exporting my WhatsApp media files from iPhone to PC?” WhatsApp can support us send and receive photos, audio messages, messages, videos ect, […]

Transfer Voice Memo from iPhone to iPad

“I record many voice of my little niece with my iPhone, like crying, laughing, learning words ect, now my aunt needs it. How could i transfer those voice memo from my iPhone to her iPad?” Voice memo App on our iPhone and iPad is used to record all kinds of voice and sounds, like recording […]

Ways to Export your Contacts to Gmail

“I have no idea about how to export contacts to Gmail, anyone can show me some ways about how to export contacts to Gmail?” Everybody is connected with social connections, and contacts are one of the most important bond to link us together. So they’re still very important to us. So in order to keep […]

How to Extract iPhone Photos to your Mac

As required by many iPhone users, we’ll focus on teach you how to extract iPhone photo to your Mac in this article. It happens everyday that we’ll need to extract iPhone photos to our PC or Mac to backup them as well as save some storage of iPhone. And many people have their own way […]

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to PC

In this article, we’ll learn how to transfer WhatsApp messages from your iPhone to PC, follow it and have a try. “There are many old WhatsApp messages on my iPhone, and i want to view some of them. But it’s not easy for me to find them out. So i want to transfer my WhatsApp […]

Selectively Transfer iPhone Photos to PC

Maybe you know how to transfer iPhone photos to PC, but do you know how to selectively transfer your iPhone photos to PC? In this page, we’ll learn the way about how to do it. Many of us may have our own way to transfer and backup iPhone photos to keep them safe, some of […]