Disable Face ID on iPhone X

“It’s not convenient for me to use Face ID on iPhone X when i go to bed, so i want to disable it. Anyone can show me some tips about how to disable Face ID on iPhone X?”

There is no Touch ID on iPhone X, but it has Face ID. With it, we can unlock our iPhone X more secure. But sometimes it’s not convenient for us to use it, or when we’re in a dangerous situation, we may want to disable Face ID on our iPhone X. Now we’ll learn how to disable Face ID on iPhone X.

Restart iPhone X

Also you can restart your iPhone X and fail to unlock it for more than 3 times to temporarily disable Face ID.

1.Press power button and volume button together, and hold on until power off screen show up.

2.Then slide to close your iPhone, now you can press power button for a seconds until it shows up Apple logo on your screen.

3. Use Face ID to unlock your iPhone X, but try to unlock it failed for several times, then it will need you to input your password to unlock it.

Disable Face ID Temporarily on iPhone X

There is a quick way for us to temporarily disable Face ID on iPhone X, and we can still use it for next time. See below steps.

1.Now quickly press power button for 5 times, then it will show up power off screen.

2.And you need to click Cancel button, now it will need us to input password to unlock our iPhone X instead of using Face ID.

Completely Disable Face ID on iPhone X

If you don’t want to use Face ID for a period, we can help you disable it completely on iPhone X.

1.Open iPhone X and unlock it, then go to Setting–Face ID & Passcode.

2.Now click “Use Face ID” on the new page, then find and turn off “iPhone Unlock”.

Now your Face ID on iPhone X will be completely disabled.

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