Disable Siri on Lock Screen iPhone

Have you ever felt that it’s so annoying that Siri always pop up when we’re trying to open other apps on our iPhone? Now luckily, we can disable Siri even on our lock screen iPhone, here we’ll show you how to do it.

Siri is always get to help when we need it, like ask it to search weather, send some text messages, make phone calls, or take photos ect. But sometimes when we don’t want to use it, it will also pop up and disturb us, so we may want to disable it. Now you can check below ways to disable your Siri on lock screen iPhone.

Disable Siri on Lock Screen iPhone

Now check below steps and disable Siri on lock screen iPhone.

1.Open your iPhone and go to home screen.

2.Now tap on Setting–General–Passcode Lock, then turn off Siri from its slider.

3.Then turn it off under the allow access when locked section.

Then you couldn’t access your Siri when iPhone is locked.

Turn Off Siri on iPhone

Also we can turn off Siri directly on our iPhone, then we couldn’t use it when iPhone screen is locked.

1.go to Setting–Touch ID & Passcode, and it will need us to input the passcode, then enter it.

2.Then find the option “Allow Access When Locked” and click it, now we’ll see Siri button, turn it off.

Prevernt Siri from Holding Home Button

When you still want to use Siri, but don’t want it to pop up, you can follow below steps.

1.Go to Setting–General–Accessibility–Home Button.

2.Then select off under press and hold to speak. Then Siri will be no response when we hold home button.

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