Drag-and-Drop Feature in iOS 11

Have you updated your iPhone with iOS 11? do you know the drag and drop feature in iOS 11?

We usually use drag and drop feature to move files, directories, apps and email attachments ect, and now iOS 11 is with this feature now. So it’ll be more convenient for us to arrange our files on iPhone. Now we’ll see more detailed things about drag and drop feature in iOS 11.

How to Use Drag and Drop Feature in iOS 11

Now we’ll see how to use drag and drop feature in iOS 11, it’s quite easy and we just need to tap and hold the item we need to transfer. Now we’ll see how to drap and drop files firstly.

1.Now tap and hold on your Notes app on your home screen until it’s drag-able.

2.Then open your photo app and find the photos, and also drop your notes app on the right side or left side of your photo app to run them side by side.

3.When those two apps are running side by side, you can tap and hold on the photos you need to transfer, then drag them to your notes.

4.After dragging them successfull, there will be a green icon appear on the items, then you can drop them into the place you need.

Drag and Drop Apps on Home Screen

Also we can use drag and drop feature to rearrange our home screen, and adjust the list of our apps.

1.Go to home screen, tap on the app icon that you need to rearrange and hold on until it’s shaking.

2.then drap it into new place of your screen, and when all the apps you need to rearrange their icon stay together, you can drag them to the place you need.

3.then tap on home button to save those changes.

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