Fix Dictation not Working Issue on iPhone

“This morning I want to use dictation feature on iPhone to take messages, but it doesn’t work. How could i fix dictation now working on iPhone issue?”

Dictation feature allows us to convert voice into text, it works like Siri, but not Siri. When it’s gray, then we may couldn’t use it. And there are many reasons when it doesn’t work, now from this article, we’ll show you how to fix dictation not working issue on iPhone.

Turn on Dictation

Firstly, we’ll need to check if your dictation if turned on or not. If not, turn it on.

Go to Setting–General–Keyboard, then scroll down and find “Dictation” button, turn it on.

When it’s on, the button color will be green.

Check iPhone Storage

When your iPhone dictation is gray and doesn’t work, maybe your iPhone storage is full.

Now check your iPhone storage, go to Setting–General–Storage, if it’s full, you can delete some iPhone data from your iPhone to save some storage space, like photos, messages ect.

Also you can backup your iPhone data, then delete some of them.

Then turn on Dictation button again, and try if it works properly now.

Restart iPhone

In case there is some software or hardware issue on your iPhone, now you can restart your iPhone to have a try, then test if Dictation works now.

Press and hold on “Power” button for about 10 seconds unless it appears “Slide to close your phone”, then slide it to close your iPhone.

Then wait one or two minutes, press Home button and Power button together and hold on for a while, then it will appear Apple logo on the screen.

Check Internet Connection

When there is no Wifi, or our iPhone isn’t connected with cellular network, Dictation may also don’t work. set your iPhone with Airplane mode, then turn it off, and try your dictation again.

2.or you can reconnect your iPhone with Wifi, go to Setting–Wifi, choose the one and input the password to connect it, then try your dictation again.

Check Restriction

Also when we enable restriction option, our Siri and Dictation may also don’t work.

Go to Setting–General–Restriction, then find Siri & Dictation option, turn it on.

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