When updating iOS, internet cut off, what to do?

“I decide to update my iPhone with new iOS version, but failed, as internet cut off. Do you also have similar issue? What to do when updating iOS, internet cut off?”

Now when you encounter this kind of issue, the reasons may come from your Wifi or your iPhone. And here, we’ll show you some tips about how to fix it, follow below steps.


Check Internet Connection

Now you can search something on your Safari, and check if it works well.

If not, you can try below tips.

1.Connect your iPhone with other better Wifi.

2.Reconnect your iPhone with Wifi by going to Setting–Wifi, turn it off, then wait a few seconds, turn it on and connect your iPhone with it.

3.Reset Network Setting of your iPhone, go to Setting–General–Reset–Reset Network Setting. Then you will need to reconnect your iPhone with Wifi and input its password.

4.Restart your iPhone. Also you can press power button and hold on for about 10 seconds, when it shows up “Swipe to close phone” on your screen, slide it to close your iPhone.

Then press your power button and home button together and hold on until Apple logo appear on your screen, and your iPhone will be open.

5.Also you can reboot your router to have a try.

Check iPhone Side

The issue may also come from your iPhone, now see below steps and try to fix it.

1.Check your iPhone battery storage, when your iPhone is out of power, charge it with your charger.

2.or you can backup your iPhone data on other place, and clear it to get more storage space.

3. Or maybe your iPhone is too old, and it’s not compatible with latest iOS version. So you can change a new iPhone.

And there are some ways to manage our iPhone storage space, for detailed steps, you can refer to below article for reference:

How to Manage iPhone Storage Space