Fix iPhone Auto Lock not Working Issue

“Usually my iPhone will lock itself when i don’t use it for a minute, but it doesn’t work now recently. How could i fix iPhone auto lock not working issue?”

Set iPhone auto lock can help us keep our iPhone data safe, and protect our privacy. Image that your iPhone is lost and it’s not with auto lock, then other people can check all your iPhone data, including come private ones. Or when your iPhone is in your pocket and it’s not with auto lock, you can dial a phone call to someone when you’re running or do other action ect. So set iPhone with auto lock is very necessary. But what if iPhone auto lock not working? How could we fix it?

Now check below steps and fix it.

Restart iPhone

Maybe there is some bug with our hardware or software, so we can restart our iPhone to have a try, and it works for many conditions.

1.Press power button and hold on until it appears “Slide to Close Phone” on your screen.

2.Then slide it to close your iPhone.

3.Now wait a minute, then press power button and home button together and hold on until Apple logo show up on home screen, and your iPhone will be open.

Then try if your iPhone auto lock works now.

Turn on and Turn off iPhone Passcode

Also we can close our iPhone passcode then turn it on to have a try.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting–Touch ID & Passcode, then turn your passcode off.

2.Then refer to method one and restart your iPhone.

3.After restarting your iPhone, go to Setting–Touch ID & Passcode again, and turn on your passcode and try again.

Check Auto Lock Time

Maybe you have set your iPhone auto lock timer be never, so it won’t auto lock now.

1.Open your iPhone, and go to Setting–Display & Brightness–Auto Lock.

2.Then you can see the time you have set it with, if it’s never, please set it with the time you need, like 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes ect.

Now have you fixed your iPhone auto lock issue? When you have other similar issue during using of iPhone iPad, you can leave us a message.

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