Fix iPhone Fingerprint Not Working Issue

“When i have my iPhone 7, i set it with fingerprint to unlock my iPhone as well as using it to do payment. But this morning, fingerprint on my iPhone 7 doesn’t work, how could i fix iPhone fingerprint not working issue?”

Usually we use fingerprint by placing our finger on Touch ID to unlock our iPhone, when fingerprint doesn’t work, the issue may be caused by Touch ID on our iPhone or there are some other issue. Now in this page, we’ll detail some information about how to fix iPhone fingerprint not working issue.

Clean Home Button

When there is some dust on Home button, it may doesn’t work, so you can clean it with some clean cloth.

And please make sure there is no water on the finger that you will use it to do fingerprint.

Also when the weather is too cold, you can go to inside and warm your hands, then try again.

Update iOS on iPhone

If the fingerprint issue couldn’t be fixed with above tips, it may be caused with software issue. Now firstly, we’ll see if there is new version of iOS. If yes, please update your iPhone with latest iOS.

Step 1. Open your iPhone, and go to Setting–General.

Step 2. Now you can see Software option, click it. When there is latest iOS version, we can check it there.

Position your finger correctly

The other problem may be that you place your finger on Touch ID incorrectly.

As advised that we should cover Touch ID completely with our finger.

And please note we couldn’t place our finger on it too hard or too quickly, otherwise it doesn’t help as well.

Enable fingerprint and Add more fingerprints

Or maybe you have closed iPhone unlock feature, so please check and enable fingerprint, also you can add more fingerprint.

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone, go to Setting–General–Touch ID & Passcode–Touch ID.

Step 2. Now click Touch ID option, find and turn on option “iPhone Unlock” in the new page.

When you want to know how to add more fingerprint, please see below steps.

Step 3. when you click Touch ID option and enter the new page, you can see “Add a Fingerprint”, click it and add more fingerprints. And follow its instruction until you finish adding one.

Set passcode to unlock iPhone

When you don’t want to use fingerprint to unlock your iPhone, you can also set it with password.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting–Touch ID & Passcode, then scroll down to find option “Turn Passcode on”, which is under “Add a fingerprint”.

2.Now you can enter the new passcode or you can do it with other options, like “Custom Alphanumeric Code”, “Custom Numeric Code” and “4-Digit Numeric Code”.

3.Then choose the one you need and set the new passcode and verify it. When finish it, you can unlock your iPhone with passcode.

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