Fix iPhone Speaker Problem

There are may many problems when we’re using speaker on our iPhone, now from this article, we’ll show you how to fix those iPhone speaker problem.

Imaging you’re in the mall, and there are many people around, so the noise is very aloud. Then we’ll need to open our iPhone speaker when we answer a phone call, but occasionally our iPhone speaker doesn’t work. How could we fix iPhone speaker problem? See below steps.

Restart your iPhone

Firstly, we can try to restart our iPhone, then try again.

Press power button and hold on until it shows “Slide to close” option on your iPhone screen, then slide it to close your iPhone.

Wait a minute, then press home button and power button together and hold on, then it will appear Apple logo on our screen, then release the buttons, and your iPhone will be open.

Raise the Volume Up

Maybe your iPhone volume is just with lower voice, so you can turn your iPhone volume up.

Volume button up and down are usually located on the left side of iPhone, and you can check your iPhone on the top left side, and when you press it, it shows volume icon on your screen.

Call People with Speakerphone

When your speaker on iPhone doesn’t work, you can open your speakerphone and call someont with it’s on, then your speaker may work again.

Clean your iPhone Speaker

When there is some dirt or small dust on your iPhone speaker, it may also don’t work.

Now find a piece clean cloth and clean your iPhone speaker.

iPhone Case

If you have an iPhone case for your iPhone, when check if it covered speaker part, if yes, remove it and try again.

Update iOS Version

It’s maybe also caused by some software issue, now check if there is some apps need to be updated or you haven’t update your iOS version for a long time.

Go to Setting–General–Software Update, when there is new iOS version, tap “Install Now” and update it.

If your iPhone speaker still doesn’t work, you can contacts Apple support or go to Apple store for help.

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