How do you know about Apple-MFi

How do you know about Apple-MFi? Some people may say it’s short for Made for iPod. Yes, it’s true, but what else?

From Wiki, we can know that MFi is a kind of licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals  that used for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It’s including headphone jacks, lightning connector and Airplay support. Now when we can use Apple MFi?

The Meaning of MFi Certified

Firstly, we’ll see what is MFi certified.

When you see the logo “Made for iPod” on your products, it means your products has Apple’s official stamp of approval, and it will be work perfectly with Apple devices.

The needs of using MFi

When you want to know if it’s necessary for you to use MFi, you can refer to below requirements, then make your decision.

1.if you’re a company, and need to keep your products stay up to date, and compatible with latest Apple products.

2.When your product requires a mobile app to function, and Apple won’t release it into the Apple store until MFi is certified.

3.Your products needs to be charged with iPhone’s internal battery.

4. Your products works when plugging into lightning connector on iOS device.

5.Your Products provides external battery power to an iOS device.

Also there are many other information about MFi, and today we’ll talk about those detailed ones.

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