How do you think Apple admits to slow down old iPhone

When we get one new iPhone, it runs so faster and we love it so much, then we don’t want to use other smartphones any more. But when new generation of iPhone are released, it seems our iPhone doesn’t run as faster as before, and some people says Apple slow it down to sell new iPhone. Now Apple admits to slow down old iPhone, how do you think about it?

When Apple fan or iPhone users heard this news, it just makes them feel so depressed. And some of them want to sue Apple for slowing down old iPhones, and it make them have no choice.

Why Apple Slow Down old iPhone

We may curious about why Apple show down our old iPhone, to sell their new iPhone?

Or there are some other reasons?

Actually as Apple explained that they slow down old iPhone when updating to new iOS is to protect their old iPhone from shutting down at random intervals. The problem is iPhone user don’t want to assume any performance slowdown in their iPhone is due to aging battery.


As battery life degrades, the iPhone’s ability to maintain same level of performance is lowered, so there will be some shut down actions. And in order to show this problem, Apple slow down our old iPhone. It’s true, but Apple should let iPhone users know it before they update their old iPhone with latest iOS version.

Next time, before updating our iPhone, we’re expected to be informed the issue we may encounter, then we can decide whether to update it or not.

Backup iPhone Data before Updating to Latest iOS Version

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