How to Block iPhone Messages from Someone

“There is a friend that we don’t contact with each other for a long time, recently she keeps send me some messages with bad news that i don’t want to know about it, now i want to block her. But how to block iPhone messages from someone?”

Also we may receive some spam messages every day for several time, it just disturb us when we’re working, then what should we do? The best way is to block them, now from this page we will show you how to block iPhone messages, read it and have a try.


Block iPhone Messages open your iPhone and go to Message app, open it.

2.Then find the message with the contact you need to block, click it. find “!” image icon, tap on it to see its sender.

4.Then click “Block this caller” when you see the option, and tap “Block Contact”.

Report Spam in Message

Also if you don’t want to receive messages from the contacts, you can tap report spam under the message you received, then they couldn’t send messages to you.

Now open the message you need to spam, and you can see “Report Junk” option under it, then click it.

Block Contact Number

If you have deleted all the messages you contacts have sent you, you can also block their phone number directly.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting–Messages.

2.Now scroll down and find the option “Blocked”, and tap “Add New”.

3.Then you can input their phone number and block them.

Now it’s done, you won’t receive messages from them any more, but if they change their phone number, they can still send you messages.