How to Replace iPhone Battery

“My iPhone couldn’t be charged, and USB cable works well on other iOS device, so there are maybe some issue happening on my iPhone battery. How to replace my iPhone battery?”

When our iPhone becomes old, firstly it will show in iPhone battery, it couldn’t help us store power very well, so we’ll need to charge it every moment. Then we will think about replace our iPhone battery, but how to replace iPhone battery?

Replace iPhone Battery

When our iPhone battery is broken, but iPhone still works well, we will think about replacing iPhone battery. If you’re a tech fan, you can do it by yourself or you can go to Apple store for help if your iPhone is still under warranty.

Before replacing your iPhone battery, you can buy one new iPhone battery according to your iPhone mode. Also you can inquiry Apple store people which kind of tools you’ll need to open your iPhone and prepare them.

Then use the tools to remove some screws and open up the back case, then you can see your iPhone battery there.

Now check the placement of your original iPhone battery, then get it out and input the new one, then close your iPhone back case and install the screws to settle it.

Save iPhone Battery

In our daily life, we’d better know some tips about how to save our iPhone battery, in case they’re broken while our iPhone still works well.

Like close your background running apps while not use, adjust iPhone screen brightness, turn off Wifi when there is no internet connection, set your iPhone with Airplane mode while not using ect.

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