How to Send GIFs on iPhone

“Is it possible for us to send GIFs on iPhone?

We usually send still photos in iMessages on our iPhone, now we can also send animated GIFs as well. And from this article, we’ll show you how to send GIFs on iPhone.

Since iOS 11, it’s easy for us to send animated GIFs in message app on our iPhone, now follow below steps and have a try.

Send GIFs with Message Built-in Section

Step 1. Open Message app on your iPhone, find and conversation or create a new one that you need to send GIFs,

Step 2. click App Store “A” to bring out more options, find and click red magnifying glass icon, and you can click upward-pointing chevron to slide out the drawer to full screen.

Step 3. And you can also click “Find Image” to search for related GIFs, when you find the one you need, click it and it will be dropped into your message, and you can also tap the arrow to add it into your message.

Step 4. Then edit the texts you need to input, and click arrow image icon to send it out.

See? It’s quite easy.

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