How to Use Text Shortcuts on iPad

“Are you using text shortcuts on iPad? How to create text shortcuts? How to use text shortcuts on iPad?”

When we contact some service people, we may find they send us some service words so quickly, it seems they don’t need to type it, then they may using text shortcuts. Now we can also use text shortcuts on our iPhone/iPad during our daily life, when we will communicate with people with typing some words, because it can help us type faster and save us some time.

And from this article, we’ll show you something about how to use text shortcuts on iPad.

Create Text Shortcuts on iPad

Text shortcuts can also be names text replacement on our iPad, and we can find this feature from Keyboard. Now see below type:

1.Go to Setting–General–Keyboard–Text Replacement.

2.then tap on it, and find “+” icon near it to create a text shortcut we need.

3.then edit the text shortcuts we need on the edit line.

Edit Text Shortcuts on iPad

When we need to edit some text shortcuts after using them for a period, you can follow below steps.

Go to Setting–General–Keyboard–Text Replacement, and choose the text shortcuts you need to edit, then edit it on text page and save it.

Also you can edit it before sending it out, when you input the key words and choose the text shortcuts, you can edit it directly on texting line.

Use Text Shortcuts on iPad

When you need to use your text shortcuts on your Message app or ther chat app, you can follow below steps. the app you want to use text shortcuts, like Message app.

2.and find the contact chat log you need to send the text shortcuts, or create a new chat log with other contacts.

3.input the key words of your shortcuts above keyboard.

4.choose the text shortcuts you need to send and send it.

It’s quite easy, right?

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