Import SIM contacts on iPhone 8

How could we transfer our contacts from old phone to iPhone 8? now if your SIM card on your old phone can fit iPhone 8, we can help you import your SIM contacts on iPhone 8.

Most people will encounter this issue that when we change our phone or iPhone, we’ll need to import SIM contacts from our old phone to our new phone or iPhone. But how could we import those contacts? Now from this article, we’ll teach you how to import SIM contacts on your iPhone 8 for example.

Import SIM Contacts to iPhone 8

1.we’ll need to make sure if your SIM card can fit iPhone 8, if yes, plug your SIM card into your iPhone 8 card cord. go to Setting–Contacts–Import SIM contacts.

3.Then wait for it import contacts to your iPhone 8, when finish it, open your contact app on your iPhone to check if your SIM contacts have been imported.

Import SIM Contacts to iPhone 8 with iTunes or iCloud Backup

This method is suitable for your former iPhone is also an iPhone, then we can use iTunes and iCloud to transfer your contacts to your iPhone 8.

For iTunes:

1.Launching your iTunes, connect your old iPhone with PC. Go to Files–Summary, tap on “Backup Now”, and confirm with “Backup”.

2.When finish backup, go to Files–Summary again, then you can see your backup files on left side bar. Now connect your iPhone 8 with PC, choose the backup files you need, tap on “Restore Backup”, and confirm with “Restore”.

Remark: it will also help us import other data to iPhone 8.

For iCloud:

1.Connect your old iPhone with Wifi, go to Setting–iCloud, log in it with your Apple ID and password.

2.Then turn on iCloud driver, and contact button, tap on “Backup”, and confirm with “Backup Now”.

3.Connect your iPhone 8 with Wifi, log in iCloud with same Apple ID and password.

4.Then go to Setting–General–Erase All Content and Settings, when all content and settings are erased, go to set up assistant with a hello screen.

5.Swipe to begin the set up progress, choose the files you need, tap on “Restore Backup”, and confirm with “Restore”.

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