iPad Battery Jumps to a Low Level

Have you ever seen your iPhone or iPad battery jumps to a low level? How did you fix this issue?

“This morning i get my iPad 100% charged, then i bring it and go to work. When arriving at my office, i find my iPad battery jumps to 90%. what’s happening? What my iPad battery jumps to a low level?”

When our iPhone or iPad jumps to a low level, the first thing may come to our mind is that if our battery is wrong or damaged? Should we replace this battery? Now below changing your iPad battery, there are some other tips we can try first. See below steps.

Restart iPad

Our iPad battery jumps to a low level, it may caused by hardware issue or software issue, firstly, we can restart our iPad to software some software bug issue.

Now press your iPad power button and hold on, until it shows “Slide to close phone”, now slide it to close your iPad.

When it’s closed for one or two minutes, press home button and power button together and hold on, until it shows Apple logo on screen. Then wait for a few seconds, your iPad will be opened.

Update iOS and Software

When there are some software waitting for updating, it will also kill much battery power.

Now go to Setting–General–Software Update, check if there is some software or new iOS version need to be updated. If yes, update them. Then restart your iPad and observe it.

Close Background Running Apps

Also when we’re not using our iPhone or iPad, iPad battery will jumps to a low level when there are many apps running backgroup.

Now you can quickly double click your home button or virtual home button, and it will show us all the backgroup running apps with page, just swipe those pages up one by one to close them will be ok.

Or you can log out of those apps when you don’t use them.

Change iPad Battery

When your iPad is old, or your iPad battery is damaged, you will need to change it to get better battery life.

By using this, you will need to go Apple Store for professional support.

Reset iPad Setting

We can also reset iPad settings to software this kind of issue.

Go to Setting–General–Reset All Setting, then input your password, and confirm with “Reset All Setting”.

Then it will show Apple icon on your iPad screen, and the pregress of reset all settings will begin. When finish it, restart your iPad, and it will be with default lock screen.

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For detailed steps, you can check below page to detailed information:

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