iPhone 8 Finally Release

The rumour has been spread for a year about iPhone, now iPhone 8 finally will be released, and it’s said iPhone 8 will be released on September 12th. Now let’s see some features about iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 release date, price and features, you can view below page and learn about it.

Firstly we’ll see about its release date September 12th, haha, it’s tomorrow. This day, Apple’s CEO will bring us the result, all the imaginations about iPhone 8. also many iPhone users have calculate about its price will be more than 1000USD, which is higher than former iPhone.

Now we’ll see some main features of iPhone 8.

1.firstly, we’ll see about Touch ID sensor, and there is no Touch ID sensor on iPhone 8, also the sells date will be delayed.

2.iPhone 8 with be with all screen front screen, and there is no button on the screen. Instead, there will be a 3D one which named 3D facial recognition sensors.

3.iPhone 8 will be with OLED screen,it’s different with LCD panel one.

4.It will be with new system on a chip, which will be more stable and fast.

5.now it’s about camera, girls favorite app. It says iPhone 8 camera will be with a front camera which has 3D sensing capabilities. It can help us determine the depth and location of objects in a 3D space.

6.last main feature is that it’s finally wireless charging.

And now, for the finally look, let’s wait for tomorrow and see.

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