Main Feature of iPhone X

“I need a new phone urgently, and iPhone X seems to be great, but we won’t get it after a month, because it will be available in November. Should i wait it? What’s the main feature of iPhone X?”

iPhone X as Apple 10th anniversary artwork, it will carry out more tech and represent the development of Apple, so it will have more wonderful feature. And if you’re hesitate to buy an iPhone X, now check below page for some main feature of iPhone X, then make your decision.

Facial Recognition

Although other phone have already had facial recognition feature on their phones, but it’s first time used on an iPhone.

On iPhone X, there is no Touch ID, but there is virtual one, and you just need to swipe up, and we’ll enter home page.

Also when Apple remove Touch ID on iPhone X, there is no button on home screen, and it becomes with full screen, which makes our iPhone looks bigger.

Wireless Charging

Another big feature for iPhone X is that it supports wireless charging, and many stores and restaurant will offer some wireless charging, so we don’t need to worry about our iPhone is out of power when we’re outside.

Also in order to achieve wireless charging, Apple designed iPhone X with glass back, which can help transfer electric to our iPhone. Besides, the glass back makes our iPhone looks bright and beautiful.


And the camera is also different with the one on other iPhone.

In iPhone X, it’s with dual-lens camera system, it can help improve color reproduction and also it can help reduce noise.

Fun thing that it can help us create fun animoji.

Now you may know the new feature of iPhone X and decide if you need to have one.

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