The Main Feature of iOS 11

With the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, iOS 11 will also be launched several days later. Should we update our old iPhone with iOS 11? what’s the main feature of iOS 11?

You may have same concern about iOS 11, even though we don’t buy the new iPhone right now, maybe we can still enjoy the new iOS version. Now from this article, we’ll focus on introduce you the main features of iOS 11, then you can decide if update your old iPhone with it or not.

Compression Format

The compression formats of iOS 11 has been revised, now it allows us to store more photos on our iPhone. And as said it can double save photos and videos on our iPhone with iOS 11 than iOS 10.

New Appearance of App Store

Now when you update your iPhone with iOS 11, and you’ll find that the interface of your App store is different with before now.

It has a much-needed face-lift, and it looks better, cleaner and with bolder text. Also you can customize your unique apps by clicking “Today”.

More Powerful Siri

Now Siri can translate something for us, and we don’t need to google it any more.

And Siri on iOS 11 will sounds more natural, and less robotic.

Manageable Control Center

Control center was firstly introduced in 2013, it’s more convenient for us to quick set some features, like Airplane mode, Bluetooth ect, and we just need to swipe up the bottom of our home screen.

Now we can customized the feature more than just Airplane mode and Bluetooth.

Do Not Disturb Mode

When we can use this feature, while we’re driving.

We know every year, there are many traffic accident caused with phones. People will answer phone calls, send texts, and check email ect, now when you’re driving, just set your iPhone with Do Not Disturb Mode, then you’ll not receive those notifications about it.

Indoors and Out Map

Right now, we’re using maps which can just show us the maps of outdoors. When we’re in big mall, we still couldn’t find certain place.

Now don’t worry, when you’re in Airport or big mall, Apple map can still make directions for you.

Wifi Password Transfer

Now when we forget about the wifi password that we have used before, we just don’t need to ask for the new password. Just close your iPhone to the iPhone who is using it, then the password will be transferred to you.

As there are so many useful new feature, are you ready to update your iPhone with iOS 11 now?

Please note, before updating to iOS 11, you’d better backup your iPhone data, if you have lost some of them, you can also come to iRefone for help.

For detailed steps, you can check below article for reference:

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