The Poor Performance of iOS 11

“Those days, my iPhone 7 always pop up some messages about updating my iPhone to iOS 11, it’s so annoying, so i update it. But it just doesn’t work well as before. Then i googled that other people also say that iOS 11 has poor performance.”

If you has also updated your iPhone with iOS 11 and has a poor performance, like battery drains quickly, random reboots ect. You can follow below tips to fix related issue.

Battery Drain Quickly

If your iPhone battery drain quickly after updating to iOS 11, now go to Setting–Battery, then check which apps are using more battery power, you can close it when you don’t use it.

Also you can check if there is some apps need update, go to Setting–General–Background App Refresh, then refresh it.

iPhone is Overheating

Firstly you can restart your iPhone and place it in your desk for a while and observe it, please note that don’t place it under sunlight or other heat place.

Control Center Keeps Pop Up

When playing games, it keeps pop up and disturb us.

Now go to Setting–Control Center, then you can disable the ability to access it within apps.

Couldn’t Connect to Wifi Network

If your iPhone couldn’t connect to Wifi after updating to iOS 11, you can follow below tricks to fix it.

Go to Setting–General–Reset–Reset Network Setting, then you can reconnect your iPhone with Wifi, and input the password to connect it again.

Home Button is Slow to Open iPhone

It seems that opening iPhone with home button becomes slow, what happened?

Apple explains that this feature will get better when it’s getting familiar with your iPhone. So you just need to wait for a few days.

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For detailed steps, you can refer to below article and have a try:

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