Transfer Gmail Contacts to iCloud Account

“I have many Gmail contacts on my Samsung phone, now i changed my old Samsung phone with a new iPhone 8, so i want to transfer my Gmail contacts to my iCloud account. Anyone can help me with it?”

There are many reasons that we need to transfer our Gmail contacts to iCloud, like changed our old phone with an iPhone or you want to keep your Gmail contacts safe ect. And here we’ll learn some methods about how to do it.

First. Export Gmail Contacts

First of all, we’ll need to export our Gmail contacts before import them to iCloud, see below steps.

Step 1. Log in Gmail on your phone, click Gmail–Contacts on the left side bar.

Step 2. Then scroll down to find and click option “Go to the old version” to go to the old version of Gmail.

Step 3. When we’re on the contact page, click More–Export, and we can choose to export all contact or selected groups, also we will need to choose the format with “vCard format”.

Second. Import Gmail Contacts to iCloud

After exporting Gmail contacts, we can import them to iCloud now.

Step 1. Open browser on your iPhone or PC, and navigate to, and log in it with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2. When enter the new page, click Setting–Import vCard to import contact files that you have exported from Gmail.

Now your Gmail contacts will be on your iCloud account.

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