Turn off Click Sound on iPhone iPad

“Everytime i play my iPhone, my roommates will know, as they can hear the click sounds on my iPhone. Now i don’t want them to hear the click sound, how could i turn off click sound on iPhone iPad?”

By default, our iPhone iPad will make a clicking sound everytime we press a key. It can help remind us we’re typing words, but sometimes it can be annoying when we’re in a meeting or in a quiet places. Fortunately, the click sound can be turned off on our iPhone. Now follow below steps and learn how to turn off click sound on iPhone iPad.


Turn off Click Sound on iPhone iPad with Volume Controls

Firstly, we can use volume control to help us turn off click sound on iPhone iPad, see below steps.

1.Now unlock your iPhone, and go to the volume down button on the left side of your iPhone.

2.Click it to reduce the volume.

3.Or you can also swipe up from bottom of your screen to enter Control Center, then slide the volume slider to reduce the sound and mute it.

Turn off Click Sound on iPhone iPad with Mute Button

Also we can use mute button to help us disable click sound on iPhone, see below steps.

1.You can find the mute button at the top left if your iPhone, which will be on the top of volume button.

2.When you want to mute it, just push the button back, and it will show up a ringer with a silent image on your screen for a second.

3.When you don’t want to mute it any more, just pull it forward, then you can hear some sounds your iPhone will make.

Turn off Click Sound with iPhone iPad Settings

Last we’ll show you how to turn off click sound with iPhone iPad settings, see below steps.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting–Sounds & Haptics.

2.Then scroll down to find option “Keyboard Clicks”.

3.Now turn it off, and you won’t hear any click sound on your iPhone iPad.

Now when you get better methods, please leave us a message. Thanks!