Which one to choose, iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

iPhone 8 has been released, and iPhone X will be released in two months. Why Apple released both of them in such a short time? Which one to choose, iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

Many people have same doubts as we do, there are many similar features of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, what’s the difference between them? How should we choose between iPhone 8 and iPhone X? Now we’ll do some comparison between iPhone 8 and iPhone X, then you’ll know more about them and choose the one which is more suitable for your needs.

The Appearance

Firstly we’ll see iPhone 8 and iPhone X from its appearance and its design.

Similar feature:

1.Both of them have glass back design.

2.Both of them support wireless charging .

3.Both of them have same storage space, 64 GB and 256 GB.

Different feature:

1.iPhone 8 has three color, that is silver, grey and gold; as iPhone X has only two colors, like silver and grey.

2.the display size of iPhone 8 is 4.7 inches, as iPhone X is with 5.8 inches.

3.the price for iPhone X is much expensive than iPhone 8.

4.iPhone 8 has Touch ID as former iPhone design; while iPhone X has no Touch ID, and it can do facial recognition.

System and Screen Display

Now we’ll compare iPhone 8 and iPhone X from their inner feature.

Same Feature:

1.iPhone 8 and iPhone X has same system.

Different Feature:

1.iPhone 8 still use OLD screen display; while iPhone X use OLED display.

2. iPhone 8 only has a single rear camera sensor; while iPhone X has advanced camera setup of three phones.

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